London, United Kingdom.

Henry Cookson Adventures believes that travel should be nothing less than an awe-inspiring, revitalizing and exciting experience. We create trips that ensure you always have a wonderful time. Not always favouring the most upmarket destination, we prefer to take you to somewhere we personally feel is special – hidden away and off the beaten track. Whether on a polar expedition, a flying safari or simply escaping to a private oasis, our stringent attention to detail ensures you are looked after every step of the way. We include those extra touches which we believe are all part of a boutique concierge travel service. We don't just think of everything, we care about everything.

Expert knowledge and seamless organisation comes from both pride in what we do and meticulous research. We hand pick each component to create an experience that you will never forget and that makes us Irreplaceably Different. No one person is the same, and so no one trip is, we tailor them all on a personal level.

Driven by excitement and curiosity, we push boundaries to find the yet to be discovered hot and cold spots in some of the untouched corners of the world. Even with ever loved, classic destinations, we add our own twists making them feel fresh and original. We are captivated by nature's exquisite beauty and our aim is to share some of that with you: we want you to be simply blown away and just won't settle for anything else.