Henry Dodo

Public Speaker, Life Coach, and Student in Ondo, Nigeria

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Hi, I’m Henry. It's a pleasure to meet you.

I’m 18years old keynote speaker, Teens advocate and a social entrepreneur living in Ondo, Nigeria. I am a 18years old guy who is obsessed with impacting people and who is on an unstoppable mission to change the culture of the earth. I'm an ardent believer of the word- "A book and a Teenager are the most important catalyst to change the world".

I'm the founder of Pathfinders For Innovative Change. A thriving non governmental organization recognized locally, nationally and internationally for raising leaders living their dreams and being phenomenal. Our mission is to encourage Teenagers to take responsibility of whatever situation they are and inspire them to utilize their full potential. We organize an annual program tagged " Rescue The Future ". Where Teenagers are helped gain clarity about their life and ignite their dreams.

I am also the founder of the fastest rising Online Teens Community called " Teens With Clarity Community ". A helping Tribe of great Teens that destroy the power of mediocre thinking, Question popular thinking, Embrace great thinking and get the best in themselves by performing at the optimal level.

I am passionate about Teens personal development (Because the future of any country depends on the advancement of Teenagers), growing ideas and helping people reach their full potential. I love a good project and the energy it takes to get it off the ground, into the air.

I'm a soccer fanatics too(Haha) and I make weekly motivational videos. I am a Teenager with a difference. Become a Henry Addict my following me up on Instagram @henry_dodo and watch my videos on YouTube @ Dodo Olabanji Henry.

Trust we will have a great time together, let's connect!

  • Education
    • University Of Medical Sciences, Ondo, Ondo State