Henry ⭐️⭐️⭐️

General ;;

name: Henry ( core of system )

age: 15

mental illnesses: psychosis, bipolar, anxiety, depression, and BPD

I'm the core of the system ⭐️ I'm Henry from fire emblem awakening !please don't follow if you kin to him!


other members of the system ;;

💥 zach, angry personality, hot headed and easy to make upset. he's a big baby and a cute kid. he falls in love super easilyhe/him

💊 vinnie, obnoxious and loud, they act like a kitten and behave like one, and refer to themselves in 3rd person. they love the boyfriend a lot

🍃 link, twilight princess & skyward sword, he's calm and usually takes over when Henry's had enough

🌺 derek, old front. was killed by vinnie

👻 Nov, imbodiment of depression. it's tired. a lot, and doesn't like speaking. it avoids it. and it is usually pissy.


kins ;;

Henry FEA (main) //ask to follow

link (twilight princess and skyward sword) other links are fine to follow!

Zacharias barnham (primary


other kins ;;

ghost kin

robo kin

cyclops kin


"why is your username 'cameronisme' off vent?"

because I hate him and his boyfriend a lots. uwu


people I talk about ;;

-Finny (best irl friends!) 🛎

-Julia (abusive friend) 🕹

-Mel (boyfriend) 💖

-Nick (friend)👾

-Easton (friend)🎶

-Sister 🍮