Henry Gellis

Awaken President in Los Angeles, California

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An experienced small venture capital investor and financier, Henry Gellis serves as the president of awaken.com in Culver City, California. In this position, he manages virtually all aspects of the company’s fundraising and strategic development efforts. Henry Gellis particularly focuses on awaken.com’s development of new stress reduction techniques that draw on music, virtual reality, films, and other media channels.

During his time as the leader of awaken.com, the company’s online presence has doubled. In addition to his role with awaken.com, he is the owner of Gellis Investment Management in Los Angeles. For years he has researched undervalued companies to determine their potential.

A graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in history, Henry Gellis gained additional experience as a financial columnist with AOL and as an advisor with The Holmes Center, a non profit supporting research into matters of holistic healing. Beyond his work in the area of finance, he has been in the motion picture industry, collaborating with a number of Academy Award-winning writers and nominees and has also been executive producer and associate producer on a number of studio financed films.He was
also an associate member of the Writer's guild of America(WGA)

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