Henry L & Ingo Sänger

The word on the streets pretends that people living in the Rhine/Ruhr area are open and warm-hearted but also a bit tenacious. In terms on the musical context this might be true because Henry L & Ingo Sänger are from Cologne and Dortmund and these chracteristics are appropriate. No matter what's the latest hype in the electronic music circus, they keep doing their own thing. Always a bit different, bucking the trend.

Their emotion and passion for the music is reflected in their music productions as well as their DJ sets. Always relying on their gut instincts they work on their aim to create music that's not only functional for the moment but in best case is timeless.Henry's and Ingo's diversified trademark sound is influenced by classic Detroit and Chicago House, which often flirts with Disco and Boogie. These mirror ball fantasies are joined by their Funk, Soul and Jazz stamped Hiphop roots. The sound coming out of their machines can be labeled as raw and organic.

Their longtime experiences as a DJ helped them create their distinctive style - Ingo started out at the end of the 80s, Henry at the end of the 90s. On the dancefloor they create an arc of suspense taking the listener and dancer to a musical journey. Ingo Sänger is one of the early pioneers of the german House scene and had one of the first DJ shows on a public radio station (Treibhaus on WDR 1Live). Previously he already released music at one half of Westpark Unit and is also running his own label called Farside. Currently Ingo has a monthly show on the popular internet radio station ByteFM. Henry L used to successfully work in other musical genres. After changing his focus he is also releasing solo productions and is also working as a sound engineer for different artists, e.g. german house icon Hans Nieswandt.

So far their tracks and remixes found their home on labels like Quintessentials, Tokyo Dawn, Falkplatz, Love Unlimited Vibes, Soul Print as well as the homebase Farside Records.