Henry Manoucheri

A successful real estate broker and businessman, Henry Manoucheri has more than 22 years of experience in the industry. He has worked with a wide range of important clients, financial institutions, and investors. Currently, Henry Manoucheri serves as CEO of Universe Holdings Development Co. LLC and Global Integrity Realty Corporation. Between the two companies, Henry Manoucheri employs more than 150 people and holds around 3,000 units as well as considerable capital. Mr. Manoucheri centers his day-to-day business on maintaining his current holdings as well as acquiring distressed properties from borrowers and financial institutions.

Henry Manoucheri has worked for 11 years as a principal in his own acquisitions business, expanding his holdings quickly. He began with only 400 units, and within 6 months, he had increased his holdings to 1,100 units. He then established a beneficial partnership with Bank of America concerning the acquisition and renovation of a sizable apartment complex, which he successfully resold at a substantial profit for himself and his investors. After that initial experience with a large complex, Henry Manoucheri focused his business around such dwellings in desirable locations throughout Southern California. His portfolio has included properties in the Inland Empire region and the counties of Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Ventura.

Mr. Manoucheri holds a Bachelor of Arts from California State University, Northridge, where he studied finance and real estate. In addition to his academic studies, Mr. Manoucheri spent time earning his real estate license as an undergraduate. He then began working part time in the real estate industry, selling multi-unit buildings during his junior year of college.

Prior to branching out on his own, Henry Manoucheri served as a broker with Marcus & Millichap for 15 years. During his time there, he became one of the firm's top brokers, both locally and nationally. He represented many clients, including banks, foreign investors, and pension funds, in an array of transactions totaling more than $500 million.