A Random Blogger, Designer, and Photographer. Known on the internet as henrymaxm, Pronunciation: hen-rē-maks-m

I'm located in the sunniest state in the United States. I started Designing with Photoshop when I was 12 years old with my friend Ronney Aragundi from Ratjar. Over the years I left photoshop alone and focused on other activities like webdesign on other platforms, music, photography, and acting. After 6 years I decided to come back and start designing with Photoshop. Now than I have decided to use Photoshop a lot has changed from version 7.0 to CS5. I am now focusing on learning the new features and have met a good friend which has inspired me to design Angel Acevedo also known as DJSOUNDWAV. Very soon I plan to pursue my studies in Graphic design, Web Design and Mobile Application Development. That is all for now. Cheers!