Henry McFlicker

Rabbi, student, philanthropist, and author all describe Henry McFlicker of Parkland, Florida. Presently, he serves as the Rabbi at Temple Chaim in Margate, Florida, where he offers guidance on a wide range of topics. Seeking to encourage a Torah-centered lifestyle, Henry McFlicker works with the congregation to lead fuller Jewish family lives, observe holidays, learn more about the history of the faith, interact with the community, and generally broaden their Jewish awareness.

A long-time student of religion, Henry McFlicker has undertaken in-depth studies in Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam. He teaches programs how the religions connect, and advocates tolerance and acceptance of all faiths. Henry McFlicker travels to various synagogues and churches to speak about this subject, and was affiliated with the All Peoples Synagogue of South Florida, an organization that welcomes those from all branches of Judaism, as well as those in interfaith relationships.

Henry McFlicker also instills a strong sense of community service in his temple members, and encourages them to support different charitable organizations, including the South Florida Jewish Academy, a school that provides education for special-needs children. In addition, Henry McFlicker supports hospitals that offer programs for the elderly. When Henry McFlicker is not teaching or providing prayer services for his congregation, he enjoys writing modern prayer books and has authored a musical prayer book.