Henry S. Porretto

Police Chief in Galveston, Texas

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Henry S. Porretto is a longtime law enforcement professional with an extensive career spanning more than three decades. He has worked in a broad and varied range of fields within the profession, and has utilized his trademark initiative, professionalism, and undeniable leadership qualities in every endeavor he has undertaken.

Henry’s long and colorful career began in 1990, when he signed on as a patrolman in the Galveston Police Department. Assigned to the Patrol Division, his initial entry exposed him to a variety of traffic enforcement–and even crime prevention–scenarios, wherein he proved more to be more than capable of handling the demands of his role.

After six years on the force, he took the first significant step forward in his career, becoming an Investigator in the Criminal Investigation Division, where he was assigned to a DEA task force. Another promotion was quick to follow, and Henry Porretto soon became a Sergeant-Patrol Supervisor.

As Patrol Supervisor-Sergeant, Henry was tasked with supervising line personnel and training the SWAT team, as well as overseeing budget and logistics for the group. In the three-year span from 1997 to 2000, he even found the time to design and build the SWAT Firing Range and Training Facility at Galveston.

The turn of the millennium brought even more significant developments–as well as challenges–to Henry’s career, each of which he continued to handle with his characteristic tenacity and high level of competence. He served as the Galveston PD’s Watch Commander from 2000 to 2008, which saw him take on even wider range of roles, including a stint in Homeland Security, among others. It was also during this time that he became Crisis Negotiations Team Commander and SWAT Team Commander, positions that he held for two years and four years respectively.

The pinnacle of Henry S. Porretto’s active duty years in law enforcement was serving as Chief of Police at Galveston PD. Covering a span of four years from 2011 to 2015, this period was especially significant for the high level of capability and professional competence with which he oversaw the department’s $17.2 million budget. Tasked with the development, preparation, and administering of the budget, Hen

  • Education
    • Mountain State University
    • Galveston College