Student and Artist in Saint Helens, Oregon

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🔆im henry / anakin or ani🔆


❌15 y/o


❌menally ill


me irl:

‼️henry (fea)


❗️anakin skywalker (sw)

❗️N (pkmn b&w)

❗️keith (voltron 2016)

❗️simon (lotf)

please dont follow if you think youre me or dont see me as these people, if i see you ineracting with a double i will sb you

special interests:

🚫 godzilla

🚫 voltron

🚫 star wars


⭕️ fire emblem



⭕️horror movies


💢please like my posts

💢dont follow me if youre gonna mute me. if you want to mute me just sb me

💢i love talking to people im just bad at initiating conversation and have low energy levels so please talk to me and feel free to @ me and dm me