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HI my name is lee but u can call me by my kin names if u want (panda from we bare bears, henry from fire emblem: awakening, or roy (the koopaling) from super mario bros.)

here's a few things about me:

i am 16 years old, i'm cisgender so i go by he/him pronouns, but u can honestly use whatever pronouns u want i won't complain, i'm a disgusting gemini, my personality is *xNxP, i'm french and irish so basically i'm whiter than casper the ghost, i am MARRIED to ike from fire emblem (i will literally fight u over him tho he is mine!), and i bought a sans body pillow case.

*i'm interchangable between E/I and T/F sorry if that sounds stupid it's because it is lmao, i mostly lean more towards INFP i think...

i really really like video games like a lot, it's DEFINITELY one of my fave hobbies; some of my other hobbies include fortune telling, volleyball, song writing, studying to be a history major, forcing my friends to listen to my pyschology class rants as well as history class rants, and drawing!

if u want i can try my best to tell ur fortune over instagram but i've only done it once before and it was kinda shaky bc it wasn't VERY accurate, but it never really is,,,

i might rant sometimes and say "kms" a lot so don't follow if that offends u ALSO i use A LOT of vulgar language, imagine extra emphasis on the "a lot" so again don't follow if it makes ya uncomfortable. secondly i call HOT GUYS daddy not that's it's a kink of mine it's just funny lmao. i don't tag potential triggering material but honestly all i post is love live, smash bros., and maybe some art.

i think that's all,

IF u have read this far, then dm me saying u read it and i will accept ur request,

thanks for reading!