Henry Zapien

I'm all about secrets, I'm also very nice. I love talking to people and having a lot of friends and making them as well. I really enjoy being nice, with some people however when you get to know me you know what kind of person I am. I do a lot of internet search, videogames, movies, and also facebook a lot.

I am a Highschool student, I love anime, manga and all related with Japan. My best thing is that most of the time I'm happy and if not, well I talk a lot so you'll know. For the people that already know me and are just checking my "about me" haha what can I say? I consider myself as someone very playful, someone that'll cheer a friend up no matter what.

I was born on July 6 1995.
I am still in HighSchool and don't have a job yet. (Looking for one though)
I have no girlfriend, and not really looking for one.
I'm Latino, born in Mexico. I'm Mexican Cuban, lived on Miami for a long time and also lived in other parts of the United States.
I currently live on Texas.
My address is... haha joking :D

What I like and don't like;
I like food, you can totally see that :D
I like camping with friends, sleeping overs, what so ever.
I like watching movies, going to the movies with friends.
I love taking pictures as long as I look good on them I'm fine.

I don't really dislike a lot of things;
I dislike people who think they are better than others.
I totally dislike people who lie, Liers.
I really dislike cheaters on a relationship.
I dislike guys or girls that say "oh, I'm not like the rest of the people I'm faithful" but they still end up being a total crap.
I dislike people who use the word "love" without knowing the meaning of the word.