Henry Zeringue, PhD

I surface knowledge for Business Intelligence and Decision Making by sifting through data then developing appropriate models or defining necessary triggers whose outputs are categorized/tokenized to aid decision processes. I have degrees in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering with emphases in advanced computation, and predictive modeling as well as a strong background in healthcare, medicine, biology, neuroscience and computer science. I have a rich technical background in biomedical engineering, computer programming, computer architecture, body-computer interfaces, genetics, molecular biology, reproductive physiology and neurobiology. I have held a variety of roles in academia as researcher, team leader, mentor, instructor, principal investigator, journal editor, and professor. I additionally have experience in industry as consultant and data scientist. My various positions have refined my abilities for public speaking and my various interdisciplinary projects have equipped me to communicate technical subject to non-experts. My current position primarily calls on my technical abilities in data mining and machine learning. As a Scientist for an integrated healthcare delivery system, I use data mining, text mining, advanced modeling, and predictive analytics to uncover knowledge for informing business decisions and guiding medical management. My recent focus has been on developing risk stratifications, evaluating clinical classifications and identifying "actionable" or "intervenable" groups. My most enjoyable projects bring me in contact with other stakeholders and business units throughout the System and allow me to develop an identification, classification or stratification solution to meet their needs. Learn more on LinkedIn.

  • Education
    • Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering - University of Wisconsin
    • M.S. Electrical Engineering - University of Illinois
    • B.S. Biomedical Engineering - Louisiana Tech