misuto !!!

hey! my name is neda. here is some stuff about me:im 16, turning 17 august 30th! i have a wonderful boyfriend named tyler, and he means the world to me. i love anime, manga, and i also love supernatural, dexter, markiplier, game grumps, and more!(markiplier is in italics because i fucking love mark edward fischbach)i am genderfluid :-) and im also pansexual! my pronouns are they/them, but if you must, you may use she/her!i do not mind if you call me neda (my birth name), just know my nickname (and preferred name if were close) is misuto/misty!if you can, please tag these things:-suicide-self harm-rape-guns (mentions and just pictures are fine, seeing videos of them being fired is an issue so ple ase)my links for things you can go check me out are on my tumblr on my flavors.me, which is how u got here! i hope...?(heres that flavors.me link if ya need it fam)anyways, have a great day/night! -misuto <3 (✿◠‿◠)♥