Hey Dolphin!

I was thinking of how should I tone this biography. I wanted it to be poetic (y'know, to be romantic as you wanted me to be), but that's just not me! So... this is going to be Heo's style! Funny + serious together. Well, the most important thing is you smile & laugh when you read this. Enjoy! ;)

You are an amazing girlfiend, love! You are so caring that if I'm to list them down, it's going to be pages. Thank you for making me drink milk and eat fruits, for forcing me to sleep when I'm tired, for reminding me to have my lunch and dinner on time, and the list goes on...

You are very understanding, too! Especially that this is a long distance relationship and both of us are so busy with work and life. Thank you for being so understanding, love!

And I know I have said this before but I'm gonna said it again. You are going to be a great wife and mum! Just need some training in $$ management. ;) Hehe!

I know you don't like talking about your physical appearance, but I'm gonna do it anyway. This page is all about you, remember? ;) Plus, I know you will be happy reading them. Hehe!

You are pretty when you smile and you are really attractive when you laugh. And guess what? Other people think the same way about you! :) I like your hair, especially when you mess it up. I also think that you are hot, especially when you... (censored)

Since we are on that topic. You as a lover? Well, you are... (censored again)

Sweetie... You asked me why I chose you, remember? I want to remind you that it isn't about ticking your checklist and what kind of person you want to be with. It's about feeling, connection and trust.

The past 8.5 months have been an amazing love journey for me. Thank you love for teaching me to be more patient. Thank you love for teaching me to believe and trust. Thank you love for making me comfortable and not afraid of looking silly in front of you.

Summing up everything in a sentence, I'm gonna say "I don't regret being with you, being in this relationship. I love you."

Happy 22nd Birthday, love!