Herald Jhang

Hello there! I would like to thank you all for taking the time to check out my bio! This will be a place where I will talk about some of my all time favorite luxury Airlines! As we al know, flying ona budget airline(looking at you South West) can be a painful endavour! I will share some of my own opinions, and critical reviews aswell. So, let's get started! The first airline that I will talk about will be none other than Quantis! I will share with you all an awesome review from the experts over at JustLuxe! "Founded in 1920 in Queensland as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services, Qantas is Australia's largest airline for domestic and international travel, widely considered to be the world's leading long distance airline. Known as "The Flying Kangaroo", Qantas flies to 54 destinations in Australia alone, while servicing 65 domestic and 27 international destinations in total; they were even the first airline to offer a nonstop flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles in 1999. While flying international first class on Qantas you get to enjoy extra-wide sheepskin beds that flatten completely and an ottoman so you can even entertain a companion in your suite while mid-flight. You'll also get a luxury amenity kit that includes perks like skincare products, an eye mask, and a pajama set. In 2008 Qantas achieved the world record for commercial engine performance with 42,019 hours on-wing (which amounts to 1,000 return trips to the UK), using a Qantas General Electric CF6-80C2 engine on a B747-400 aircraft for nine years." Now if you want some fine spirits to enjoy when you get to your destination, I suggest that you read this for some awesome recommendations!