Herbal Potpourri

Safely Reap the Benefits of Herbal Potpourri in Your Own Home

Despite certain misconceptions surrounding the subject, herbal incense is gaining steam as an increasing number of people realize the potential benefits of this type of product. For centuries, various herbs have been burned and their essences inhaled as medical remedies for depression, anxiety, insomnia, asthma, chronic pain and an array of other conditions. Several legal varieties are currently available on the market, each designed to provide its own level of perks.Most often, herbal potpourri in all its forms is burned in a censer these days, a device similar to those designed to release the deodorizing effects of wax melts. While there are similarities, these products should not be placed in one of those melting pots commonly found on store shelves for both safety and effectiveness reasons. Incense should only be combined with censers created specifically for this purpose.Some opt for simple household bowls instead of purchasing a censer, much like the tried and true methods of days long past; however, only wide, deep stone or ceramic versions with flat bases should be used. Wood poses the obvious fire risks whereas plastic could potentially melt, releasing noxious fumes into the air and destroying the herbal incense as well as its effects in the process. Metal is less prone to those casualties, but it tends to take on the heat of the product being burned and can pass that along to anyone who happens to come in contact with the bowl.Sand should be placed in the bowl before anything else for safer, more even heat distribution. Charcoal comes into play at this point yet not the same variety used to grill steaks and burgers. Charcoal discs with a slightly different chemical composition are meant for burning incense. These are safe for indoor use. Once the incense has been placed in the bowl and begins to burn, some type of screen should be placed atop the bowl to allow the smoke to escape while keeping sparks and coals in their proper place. Splatter screens implemented when frying foods can be used for this purpose. Visit incenser.com to view their selection of incense as well as censers and accessories.