Herb Moyer

Now that I am retired, I have time for my photography and videography. I attend social, cultural, and political lectures/events et al, videotape with approval, edit the video and get it broadcast on our Exeter, NH cable TV system and sent to NH communities that are members of the New Hampshire Coalition of Community Media (NHCCM).

I have been involved in New Hampshire politics since the 1970's. I am currently the President of the Seacoast Anti-Pollution League (SAPL), and have either been an officer or a board member since the early 1970's. www.saplnh.org SAPL is currently sueing the Nuclear Regulatory Commisssion in federal court for not allowing SAPL as an intervener and for not forcing the utility owner of the Seabrook "Nuke" to consider energy alternatives in their quest to extend the plant's operating license to the year 2050.

I am married to Karen Kelliher Moyer (47 years this November 21st), have two grown children, and four grandchildren. My mother, 92, lives in Nova Scotia within 3-5 miles of the most southern tip.