Herb Paynter

Sarasota, FL

First, let me put this right out front... I’m a color fanatic. I even dream in color, and therefor I guess I qualify as a color geek. Getting color to display and print accurately is not a new challenge for me, it’s been a life-long obsession. For almost five decades my creative career has been focused on accurate color reproduction. I have deep roots in the world of color as a photographer, graphic designer, pre-media specialist, pressman, consultant, software designer/developer, presenter and author.

In 1984, my printing ink and film emulsion world transposed into vectors and pixels. when I saw the Orwellian Mac ad during the Super Bowl, I somehow knew that my twenty-year romance with color was about to grow even deeper.

Within the decade I found myself deeply involved with the Mac. I started writing articles and designing software that would help in the publishing revolution. These included Aldus/Macromedia Freehand and Adobe Photoshop plug-ins ScanPrep Pro, AutoPilot, and DeepBit Filters. By 1996 I was deeply involved with digital cameras and printers of all sorts. Twenty-eight years later, I remain addicted.

've written numerous feature articles about digital imaging techniques, hardware and software product reviews for many photography, printing industry, and computer trade publications and served as a Contributing Editor to Photo Electronic Imaging (PEI) and Professional Photographer magazines.

I've been certified by IDEAlliance as a Color Management Professional in both Fundamentals and Pre-Media categories, and I'm a presenter for IDEAlliance in the area of Color Management for Photography. I enjoy writing, and speaking to groups large and small about color capture and reproduction.

  • Work
    • Imageprep Communications, LLC
  • Education
    • Florida Bible College