Walker Funeral Home

The staff at Walker Funeral Home is caring and compassionate, and

will help you throughout the entire process. Whether you desire a specific casket,

meaningful headstones, funeral flowers, cremation jewelry, or even pet urns, the

professional staff offers a variety of items at fair and honest prices.When you want to create a beautiful ceremony for your dearly

departed, Walker provides clean, peaceful, and modern facilities that will

serve as a somber location for viewings. The facilities are also equipped with

video and audio equipment, which allows you to create a meaningful video

presentation of your loved one’s life to show during services.Losing a loved one is undoubtedly one of the most difficult

experiences you will face. The compassionate experts at Walker Funeral Home will ensure that your friend or family member

receives a beautiful and meaningful funeral service. Visit the funeral home online or

call (513) 251-6200 for more


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