Malte Boelt

Been playing since 2003 - started on css when the first beta launched and has been playing in the top end of the danish scene since the start of 2006.

Former teams:

• Fnatic.msi
• SoA
• SpeedGaming
• CopenhagenWolves
• Magicians

Hello, my name is Malte Boelt some people may know me as Herden.

Atm im playing with my dear friends from Blight Gaming: SimonM, Rytter, p0se, isenbo, and of course my self. To take care of us, we got our lovely manager Wrang. We got 3 upcomming LAN's we will attend which is ONIC, Copenhagen Games, and TheBlast. we hope for some good result at the events and prove to Blight that they have chosen the best choice :)

With our lovely sponsor Im putting a Stream up when im online and playin 1700+ hon and counterstrike on a high level, so if u wanna watch a really great counterstrike/hon player visit (profil). if u have any questiens plz write a mail to me.

Best regards Malte'Herden'Boelt