Here Comes the Sun

spirit guidance in Austin, Texas

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Here Comes the Sun! Can you feel it?!

Here Comes the Sun is your local Reiki Healing Expert in Austin, TX.

Everyone can benefit from a positive life transformation by our Reiki healing techniques.

Our main goal is to get you to start feeling better and enjoying your life! Are you starting to feel the warmth?

We offer multiple healing modalities that are customized to fit to fit you perfectly:

Advanced Reiki

Akashic Record Access

Past Life Healing

Spirit Guidance

Releasing Energetic Chords

Chakra Clearing & Balancing

Healing Vortex

Soul Expansive Upgrades (pineal gland, sacred heart, third eye)

Sacred Symbols

Divine Light


Are you ready to attract your soul’s desires? Reiki Healing allows us to change the energy surrounding you - which will allow us to change our thought patterns and re- program our lives. Reiki is probably the best favor you could do for yourself because of all the opportunities that could open up for you. A new life is awaiting you!

So what is Reiki? Reiki is a healing technique that is based on the therapist being able to channel amazing positive energy into the patient by touch and energy. Reiki allows us to activate OUR own unique healing process to restore the BEST version of yourself! Do you feel the sun yet?

So what do you do when Reiki has brought the best version of yourself forward?

You bring your surrounds up to par as well. At Here Comes the Sun not only do we offer healing for yourself but we can offer intuitive home staging aka: Feng Shui.

Having a space that looks AND feels good is key to bringing harmony to your life. After I apply my intuitive decorating style + + home staging accreditation + Reiki your living space will be as attractive as you are!

We live in Austin so I am sure you have a Pet! Well of course we can’t leave our furry companions out of our Reiki makeover! We offer Reiki healing for pets as well! Animals love Reiki because of the light energy that flows through like the ease of a river. Reiki helps animals recover from traumatic experiences and even helps release separation anxiety.

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500 East 4th Street #213

Austin, TX 78701



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