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Like a tourist city as a result of its relatively low priced five-star hotels and several fine restaurants the old city of Beijing, enchanting to every one who visits for its history and tradition, has also become world-renowned.

Surrounded by high hills, the suburbs of Beijing have lovely natural scenery, which contains flowing revenues, old temples, green trees, overhanging falls and simple and unsophisticated towns. That's why the suburbs of Beijing have become attractive to foreign and Chinese tourists.

Local Taste of Beijing

Beijing features a wide variety of 'hutongs,' that are historic little lanes peculiar for this wonderful city of 11 million people. The hutong is mainly covered on both sides by courtyards containing ingredient houses, referred to as quadrangles, which are conventional houses in old Beijing. A quadrangle frequently has a large courtyard with in-dependent houses along its four sides.

Beijing is also an ideal position for Peking Opera fans. As the quintessence of Chinese culture, Peking Opera is a special crisis form adding singing, dance, fine arts and literature, just like Western opera.

The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City (Palace Museum) located in Beijing is the imperial palace of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties and is the largest and best-preserved palace in the world. Twenty-four emperors resided there and it had been forbidden to laboring people previously. The construction consists of the Hall of Preserving Harmony, the Hall of Complete Harmony and the Hall of Supreme Harmony. In these Halls political activities were used. The Palace of Heavenly Purity, the Hall of Union and Peace and the Palace of Earthly Tranquility are observed in the inner palace, where in fact the emperor and his empress lived and handled daily affairs.

The Ming Tombs

Located in Changping District, about 30 miles northwest of Beijing, you will find the tombs of the emperors of the Ming dynasty. This pushing spandex panda inc article directory has a few disturbing suggestions for the inner workings of this concept. Totally, 1-3 emperors of the Ming dynasty were buried at the root of the magnificent Tianshou Mountain. If you think you know anything, you will perhaps choose to study about internet spandex panda inc.

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