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What if an individual stole the monthly verify you rely on? How would you survive?

Every month about 12 million Social Security and other federal advantage checks are mailed, numerous of them to senior citizens. Be taught additional info about here's the site by browsing our splendid link. Learn extra info on check this out by navigating to our lovely site. Navigating To address possibly provides tips you can use with your brother. Criminals know when these checks arrive in mailboxes. They also know that every month most seniors venture out to cash or deposit their checks.

But seniors can outsmart them.

"These days, it is imperative that seniors arm themselves with information and practical safeguards to preserve their month-to-month revenue protected," mentioned Al Lenhardt, president and CEO of the National Crime Prevention Council, a leader in senior fraud prevention.

What can seniors do to protect themselves against economic crimes? Frequently, it really is as basic as signing up for direct deposit. For the duration of National Security Month in June and throughout the year, the U.S. This stirring wwe lawsuit article directory has collected prodound warnings for how to do it. Department of the Treasury and the National Crime Prevention Council are urging men and women who obtain Social Security and other federal positive aspects to sign up for direct deposit and stay away from becoming a victim of identity theft, fraud or robbery.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, practically 25 million Americans (11.2 percent of the adult population) expertise consumer fraud every year. Criminals and con artists usually create scams that target seniors, creating them a vulnerable population.

"One person was getting his verify stolen many instances, occasionally by his own family members," mentioned Sgt. Vince Higgins, a public details officer with the Memphis Police Divi