Call Me Val

From an early age I've experienced abuse, then witnessed Mom getting abused. Then as a teen more abuse & neglect. Adulthood: LOTS of sexual harassment, then MAJOR HOSTILITY from almost everyone I had crossed paths with also racist attitudes towards me both subtle & blantant having to deal all on my own with the unexpected death of my Father with little support. I've had a very difficult life. Working real hard to overcome & heal not easy without support. All my life I've been treated hostile because of how I look & speak. I don't get alot of what most of you take for granted. A close knit Family, friends, someone that calls just to say Hi. Doing what I can to make my life better but its not easy. I want what the rest of you want: A loving Family A significant other Friends who love & support me A college degree No one except my Mother has ever believed in me. Not teachers or anyone else. I've been treated all of my life as if I were invisible and ridiculed throughout my life. I'm working hard to bring change but again its all an uphill battle. When you see me, give me respect otherwise just keep on walking. I've had enough disrespect,humiliation to last me 100 lifetimes. Now I'm the more improved version of what I once was. You all need to start taking me seriously! I'm will not be the butt of anyones jokes! RESPECT ME! I'm telling not asking you.

I need the support of all the women anywhere & everywhere out there. I LIVESTRONG! I have to cause no one else gives a damn about me.