Rangga Hilmanz

Designer and Front End Developer in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Hello, I’m Herly. I’m a front end web developer living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am a fan of web development, design, and technology. I’m also interested in programming and DIY.

Possesses front-end development skills, transforming various designs into websites and motion graphics.

Fluent in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and some other relevant tools.

Capable of converting PSD design into a high quality website.

Have savvy understanding of UI/UX principles.

Knowledge on jQuery, Responsive Layout Framework, Bootstrap and Foundation.

Good understanding of cross-browser compatibility issue.

Visually creative and artistic in create video or animation that portrays motion animated 2-dimensional images to give the impression of action through changing images.

Possesses animating skills, transforming designs into various motion graphics using Adobe After Effects. Have familiar knowledge about 3D modelling using 3D Studio Max.

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