Herman Ahaus

Hoogblokland, Netherlands


economist * scientist * idealist * humanist * activist * journalist * trade unionist * guitarist * nudist * cyclist * soloist * perfectionist * humorist *

..... and many more things ending with -ist

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By the way: what am I doing exactly here on about.me? To be honest, I'm not quite sure. Most people tell here what they are doing now, feeling now and what they want with their lives. Fantastic! But I'm past that point. At best I'm trying to figure out if my life has become what I hoped for then. Was it worth it? Is it still worth it? Did I succeed as a human being? These are serious questions of life! And the answer is not clear: some things went well, others less. Anyway, one thing I know for sure: I'm still the same person I was then, with the same ideals. Older & wiser, but still young at heart!

  • Work
    • retired
  • Education
    • Erasmus University Rotterdam