Alec Herman

Delray Beach, Florida

I am a reliable brother because I take care of my little brother when my parents go out to dinner and have fun. In school, I am a dedicated student because I try my best to get good grades in school.To stay fit I am a hard working person because I go to the gym and give 110% effort to get stronger. When I go to a hockey game, I am a cheerful hockey fan because I support the Florida Panthers and attend most of their games. While I am in school, I am an outgoing role model for my peers because I make the right decisions and they see me as a leader. I play ice hockey and I am an aggressive hockey player because I hit hard and i’m a goon on the team. When my parents aren't home, I am a fun brother because I play anything that my little brother wants to play. My mother is a hard working dentist and I am a helpful person because I assist my mom with her job and help her practice move smoothly. Lastly, I am a caring boy because I help take care of my dogs when my parents are out of town.

  • Education
    • High School Student