Herman Allen Autry

From his early days at Brandeis University studying for his Bachelor of Arts degree to his current post as supervisor, faculty, and executive board member of the Center for the Study of Anorexia and Bulimia (CSAB), Mr. Herman Allen Autry has capably shown how dedication to the job can guarantee career success. Having earned his Master's degree in Social Work had imbued Mr. Autry with a more comprehensive educational background that has been instrumental in the practice of his chosen profession. Being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Herman Allen Autry has decided to focus on helping those who have problems with eating disorders. Knowing that such disorders often lead to more serious consequences, Herman Allen Autry has focused his energies on providing an environment of natural, genuine healing to his patients. Believing that sufferers are entitled to the best psychotherapy there is, Herman Allen Autry has continuously been committing himself to helping them. Gifted with a brilliant mind for instituting the best approaches to help patients, Herman Allen Autry's expertise has been recognized by colleagues and highly-endorsed by his many patients. His 30 years of unassailable expertise has enabled Herman Allen Autry to carve his niche in the area of psychotherapy. With the great trust that his patients have given him, Herman Allen Autry has been engaged in providing a caring environment for his patients that recognizes their strengths and turns their anxieties into affirmations. Acclaimed for his structured therapy programs that focus on individual therapy for adults and adolescents and couple therapy, Herman Allen Autry has shown remarkable talent in helping his patients find self-esteem and renewed joie de vivre.