Herman Autry

Having earned a good number of awards at the academic student level, Herman Allen Autry had already indicated well ahead that highly responsible positions would become highlights of a very rewarding career. Herman's most recent assignment to the Social Performance (SP) unit of the Trinidad offices of BG Trinidad and Tobago (BG T&T Group/BG Group) in Manager capacity enabled Herman to support the delivery of the company's Social Performance targets related to current and future Engineering and Procurement (E&P) projects. Providing input into the review and setting of the group's social performance targets, Herman Allen Autry also had to do the same for the design and implementation of social investment projects. Aside from that major responsibility, Herman also had to advise the project and operation teams on social impact issues and to implement mitigation measures relating to BG Group projects. Herman had to do this by engaging in community consultations around project-related policies and procedures. The convening task would have been difficult to manage for someone unfamiliar with community culture, but Herman was ever ready to take to the task as any professional individual should. The BG Group had proven time and again Herman Allen Autry's unparalleled performance in various capacities. Joining BG International in January 2006, Herman was assigned for a little over two years to the UK Corporate headquarters of the BG Group. Coming onboard BG Americas & Global LNG in May 2008, Herman Allen Autry, as Manager for Corporate Responsibility, was assigned to the US based international oil and gas company to work with the Policy and Corporate Affairs Department to ensure delivery of BG Group's commitment to the community