Herman Kwok

Hi, I am a grade 11 student in Canada. I am good at math and problem solving. At the same time, I always make good use of my free time and play music with my friends.

For Academic, I am willing to put effort in it. My goal is to get A in every subject and be a Mature Person.

And I am also passion at Music. I often play Music with my band. I enjoy how Music wonder around my ears. Therefore, I never feel boring while music is around me.

For post secondary, I would like to get into university in order to strengthen my ability and enlarge my horizon.

Moreover, I have been volunteering in different places and aspect. Such as nursing house, restaurant, Sports event etc. Our society had helped us a lot. I hope I can contribute to our society and make it better. This motivates me from volunteering.

I hope I could see you and be friend with you.