Herman G. Morgan III

Kokomo, Indiana

Hi, Welcome to my "About Me" page. ( Can we get any more Narcissistic ?).

I'm a 65 year-old white American Male. I'm from a large Family, 7 Siblings and dozens of cousins, Nieces Nephews and Great-Nieces & Nephews. I have two Adult Children and 2 Bright and Beautiful Granddaughters.

I spent my early years living in rural Morgan County, Indiana, which is just south of Indianapolis. A life-long Learner, I began school in 1952 at Brooklyn Elementary School, by which time I had been reading for some time, and was way beyond the "Dick & Jane" level of reading that my classmates were learning, so nearly every Report Card, (all S's or A's), had a note complaining that I spent too much time Daydreaming, and didn't participate enough in class. Well, yeah,.. Y'all bored me to death !

I think my interest in Politics began in 1st Grade. I remember our Teacher asking who's picture was above the blackboard, of course it was President Truman, but Miss Baker added that soon, "The General's Picture" would be hanging there, and sure enough, there was "Ike" in our near future.

Even before school, I remember an interest in the larger world, as when I watched Queen Elizabeth's Coranation with my Mom and Grandma Morgan, and they told me that I would always remember that day, and I did ! That was a unique event in other ways, besides a Real Princess being crowned Queen. That was early days of TV, and the Ceremony came to us acroos the TransAtlantic Cable, which is how we communicated with Europe before satellites, and that was a first-time broadcast.

O.K., So that's the early years. My parent's divorce, my living in Chicago then Santa Monica with our Dad, then Vietnam 4 times, Marriage, Honorable Discharge, Kids, separation and divorce, moving home to Indiana after several years in the Bay Area, 30 some years in the Bar & Restaurant Biz, and here we are at The Present Day !

  • Education
    • Monrovia Jr. Sr. High School, Navy Technical Schools, Foothill College