Herrick Lipton New Horizon

CEO in New York, New York

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Herrick Lipton is the CEO of New Horizon Counseling Center, a New York-based licensed nonprofit behavioral healthcare organization. Throughout his lengthy career, Herrick has worked to improve the funding, administration and accessibility of behavioral health care. All of his prior experience has prepared him well to lead this notable organization, both in revenue growth and in successful community effects.

Herrick Lipton works hard to remove stigmas attached to mental health as well as improving options and ease of access to thousands of people. He has a strong understanding that our mental health correlates directly to our physical health.

New Horizon's Herrick Lipton is dedicated to providing the best possible care to each individual, while also developing long-term solutions that will help improve the community's environment. Through various outreach programs, such as hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, New Horizon has been able to foster a more welcoming atmosphere for its patients.

Herrick's continuous efforts have resulted in New Horizon's growing client base, which now stands at over 6,000. This is a testament to the company's commitment to providing the highest quality care. In a time when other organizations are struggling with financial issues, Herrick has helped keep New Horizon's growth going.

Herrick Lipton is passionate about New Horizon’s mission, which is to promote the emotional wellbeing, independence and empowerment of individuals through its integrated health services. Throughout his career, Herrick has kept a careful eye on new trends so that New Horizon can always be using the most recent evidence-based practices to have the greatest impact on its patients. Learn more by visiting his website, HerrickLiptonNewHorizon.com.