Herschel Zahnd

Herschel Zahnd

I am a award winning Actor, Writer, Director, Filmmaker, Singer, Teacher and just about everything in between.

The FilmAspire Podcast and Film School is an educational rescource dedicated to the art of Micro Budget Filmmaking. We seek to inspire artists of all disciplines and levels to get out there and TELL YOUR STORY! FilmAspire works in conjunction with the Amazing Kathryn Rae Furrow and the Acting For Your Life program.

Renegade Art Productions, LLC was founded in 2006 as an outlet for the theater and film that I was producing at that time. In the intervening years we have produced a number of theatrical pieces, television, short films and features, with award winning results.

Our current projects include a short film The Trimmer, (our first HD short), our upcoming feature A Wish For The Dead, and much more. Visit renegadeartproductions.com for more details!

Please visit one of the many websites below to find out more information about my many projects, and endevours!


renegadeartproductions.com My Acting Demo Reel Click Here