Hessle Tweets

"Enjoyed it! I think often the volunteers get more from the experience than they anticipate!"

Inspired by the #RotationCuration Twitter accounts of @PeopleofLeeds and @Sweden (amongst others), @HessleTweets gives the people of Hessle a chance to curate an unofficial Twitter account for the town, and show the rest of Hessle and the world what you've got!

Curators must: Be based in Hessle- tweets don't have to be exclusively about Hessle, or particularly profound, @HessleTweets is about the residents, whatever they get up to!

You must agree not to post any offensive material (about or to groups or individuals) for the entire week you are curating. Not only does it look bad on your town, it looks extra bad for you personally. Nobody wants that, do they?

You must also steer clear of promoting any particular political or religious views, this is an inclusive arena and we don't want to make anybody cry.

A silent curator = no curator at all! For this project to work, you must be an active tweeter. If you're new to Twitter but want to get involved, let us know and we can help!

The number of rotation curation accounts is growing, see a regularly updated list here: http://rotationcuration.com/rotation-curation-chronology

You can register to take part by emailing HessleTweets@gmail.com including breif details of who you are (location, your twitter username if available) a few words about you, and why you'd like to be involved. Or, get in touch with us on Twitter.

Please send any questions or enquiries to HessleTweets@gmail.com and they will be answered as soon as possible.

Image used with permission by Itinerant Photos. @HessleTweets is not created for profit.

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