Andrew Barrett

I've been an outspoken advocate for sane, meaningful legislation designed to combat the invasion of spam into e-mail inboxes since 1997.

I'm a former Legislative Liason for the spam watchdog group, Executive Director of the public policy group The SpamCon Foundation, and I was a Director of the world's first spam blocklist, the MAPS Realtime Block List.

Today, I work within the e-mail industry to develop and promulgate best practices that help ensure that mail recipients want and ask for gets delivered.

I work with large volume senders every day on deliverability issues, like E-mail Engagement, Sender Reputation, Blocklists, ISP Relations, and much more.

I invite you to follow my twitter stream, or to sample my blog at The E-mail Skinny for strategies senders can implement right away to help get their consensual communications to their recipients. Send me e-mail if there's some way I can help you.