Christopher Padavick

I started my web site marketing and design Company Hieroweb Interactive in 1992 and went full time on my own in 2000. Having always been fond of computers I waited for the computer revolution to take off. It actually occurred 10 years later than was anticipated when I was going to school. Once the internet evolved I found my calling and grew with it's different technologies. In the beginning I was a developer with a group of others called Webcom. Webcom was a small group of developers who worked off of the sites custom designed PERL interpreter. We all shared ideas and used webcoms resource section to build fairly complex web applications. At the time Google's founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin would sometimes take part in these discussions while they were attending Stanford. Later on as the web continued to develop Webcoms platform was no longer viable. At that point I went into PERL coding and began getting involved in different programming languages like JavaScript, VB Script, VB, and later settled on programming in pure ASP. To date I prefer to code in Classic ASP or ASP.NET. Keep us in mind for all of your web design and seo needs.