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ToneWinner AD-2SE pure Class A new integrated Amplifier Full Nicely balanced XLR hi-end amplifier Brand spanking new

tube amp

Circuit design of ToneWinner AD-2SE amplifier is often the most highly regarded healthy transmission and amplification inside sound field.
This Rounds is a completely nicely balanced sign amplification method. Such as: whole symmetry, full sense of balance, differential input to BTL (Balanced Transformer Less) energy production.

tube amp

Typically the digital camera volume control processor chip is usually selected as STATES CS3310 (or BB corporation PGA2311).
A large variety of German WIMA capacitors, a large number regarding Japanese Rose Crimson SPIRITEDNESS electrolytic capacitors, in addition to black color top BENNIC MKP capacitance
12 audio dedicated MARCON power filter electrolytic capacitors with a total volume involving 144, 000 uF.
The capability per channel work with seeing that 12 pairs connected with 150W ON Semiconductor MJW0281A/MJW0203A strength transistor, total is definitely twenty four pieces.
Signal-to-noise relation: > 95 dB (a weighted)
THD: /0 05% (1KHz, normal performing condition)
Frequency response: 20Hz-100KHz (+1, -3dB)
Channel spliting up qualification: > 70 DB
Maximum voltage attain: > 40dB
Brand feedback matching impedance: ≤1 kohms
Maximum output electrical power: 200W *2/80 (8Ω,THD=1%, 1KHz)
Power accessory Voltage: AC 220V (+-10%) 50Hz/60Hz
Dimension: 450mm *242mm (H) *580mm (D)
Net weight: 1 out of 3. 4kg
Packing size: 755mm(W) *644mm(D) *432mm(H)
Gross pounds: 1949. 55kg
Packing collection: Often the ToneWinner AD-2SE amp, a new Manual, a electric power cable do the job in your personal country, a small electric screwdriver.