Higor de Padua Vieira Neto

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Higor was born in the city of Manhumirim, Minas Gerais, Brazil in 1980. Since childhood always demonstrated a refined artistic ability, both musically and visually. From his school notebook scribbles, excelling in arts education classes, later using the computer, working with image editing programs, where he was always creating such interesting things. Not only with images, but also in music he showed his skills. By composing songs, lyrics, melodies, producing songs or playing a couple of instruments such as guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, carrying with ease in learning a new instrument in a natural way.

When younger, he decided that his profession would be linked to technology, another source of inspiration of Higor. With his creative instincts, even before feeling the art world, he gained the help of computer, which acted as a natural tool where he could produce his talents and do what he likes best, create!

The photography arrived a little later, but it was natural indeed. The late came from lack of opportunity in owning a camera. Since he couldn't afford to have one, he could never understand the camera in its real potential, which occurred a few years later, when already working, came to possess such thing, that today, became his inseparable companion.

  • Work
    • Software Engineer | Amateur Photographer