Hilkya Palembangan

Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Hello! Hilkya Dwima Palembangan here, also known as Hilky! I'm a 21 years old (already!?) boy from Indonesia who currently studying at Brawijaya University (I'm sure you've heard this name. Wait... you haven't?), Informatics Engineering major. But that doesn't mean I'm capable on fixing broken computers...

Studying informatics makes me spend more time in front of the computer than eating, taking a bath, and sleeping. That's why I socialize on social networks more often than in real life. But I'm also loves to interact with other people, especially when it comes to things we both love.

Talking about interests, currently I'm into Asian pop culture, such as South Korean and Japanese pop music, costume playing, K-dramas, idols, and so much more. If you don't know how to start a conversation with me, start by asking what's the latest Girl's Day music video, or Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's album, or screaming over how awesome Reika and Kaname is, et cetera. Or if you're not really into those stuffs, just ask me anything you'd like to ask. I love having new friends!

Another things I love to do is playing games! I currently have a Nintendo Wii and a Nintendo 3DS. Well, that doesn't mean I'm a Nintendo fanboy though... I also play PC games although not that much, and my favorite genre of games are casual, puzzle, and JRPG games ^^

Besides studying, I also joins a cosplay community in my place, named COSUKI. Mostly I'm helping my friends on costume making and also works as a photographer (I'm still studying cosplay photography though ^^;;). Visit their Facebook page to see some of my works ^w^

If there's a sentence to describe myself completely, it would be...

"A geek in its finest form, an epic taste of awesome."

  • Education
    • Universitas Brawijaya