Hillary Weiss

Yo! I'm Hillary. I'm a copywriter, social media nerd, editor & general scribbler.

My website http://youngbloodsourcery.com is a medicine bag of quick-fixes (copy AND design!) for your digital abode! Take a look.

I help small n' mighty businesses + superstar entrepreneurs (like you) show off their Soul Power.

I don't just write pretty words. I give your business a voice that your audience will grow to recognize + adore. Every word is crafted with the utmost care and love, and I keep you up to speed every step of the way.

Together, we'll and shake off your blah bios, 'meh' mission statements and snoozer sales pages, and create copy that radiates the beautiful heart of your business- and purpose- with every syllable. My blog ghostwriting + social media packages pump vivacious new life into your blog, newsletter, Twitter, Facebook and your overall web presence.

Any inquiries or requests for projects can be sent to [email protected]. Don't be shy now, ya hear?

My blog is currently undergoing an Extreme Makeover. For now, wave hello to me on Twitter @hcweiss for updates on new projects, cool stuff I like and tidbits of ineffable wisdom.

So... what can I do for you?