Hillary Allen

Coach at Lifelong Endurance and Mountain runner for The North Face in Boulder, Colorado, United States

My story as Hillygoat: an ultra runner, graduate student and adventure enthusiast.

I'm a Colorado native, but running hasn't always been a part of my roots. I played collegiate tennis, and started running once I began graduate school, working towards a degree in Neuroscience and Structural Biology.

I ran roads at first, but quickly transitioned to trails, once I discovered my natural knack for uphill running (hence the nickname; Hillygoat).

I train and live in Boulder, CO where I can run on some of the best trails in the world, ski, rock climb and cycle. Exploration is an integral part of my life, trail running is my favorite means of exploration. The North Face helps me explore around the world, Ultimate Direction Hyrdates me, Skratch Labs fuels my adventures and Swiftwick socks protects my feet. Follow my journey, so I can share the joy, beauty, freedom and challenges, as I explore the world, one trail at a time.

  • Work
    • Professor at FRCC
  • Education
    • BA Organic Chemistry and Spanish