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Hi, I am Himel Chowdhury, an SEO content & blog writer. I usually work on writing web contents, blog article, press release, product description, promotional article etc. I'm writing on the blog and other media (Buzzfeed, LinkedIn pulse, Medium) since I'm 14. By doing and getting experienced with this stuff I've acquired skills in many fields.My top skills are

1) Writing SEO article - By doing research on specific terms I can provide the best keywords, optimized word density & search engine friendly environment.

2) Publishing Article - I can write suitable, reasonable, amazing articles about almost anything.

3) Researching A Subject - I've experienced with researching a lot of stuffs including Business, Gadgets, Politics, Global News etc.

4) Android Know-How - I've gained experience with the Android OS for a lot of time. For anything about android you can just send me a tweet, I guess I won't tell you to search it on google.

5) Social Network Growth - I've profiled in almost everywhere you can think of & I know how to grow your social network.

6) Legal Hacking - I can help you to hack the growth of your blog, social profiles and products in a legal way.

7) Data entry - I can help you to fill out a spreadsheet with data you provide.

8) MS Excel, word, presentation - My experience with Microsoft's software are well enough.

9) I'm ready to be hired as a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT.

10) Not Letting Down - I will try my best & I won't let you down.

Himel Chowdhury

SEO content/blog writer

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