His Hands Church

non-denominational Christian church in Woodstock, Georgia

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Launched in September of 2005 by Steve and Susan Craig, the Woodstock, Georgia-based His Hands Church continues to attract a large and diverse congregation. Formerly a vacant Kmart building, the state-of-the-art facility that is home to His Hands Church feature a children’s indoor play area, outdoor basketball court, and a fully functioning coffee shop. The Georgia Regional Transportation Authority now uses the His Hands Church parking lot as a designated bus stop. The adult worship area can hold more than 2,000 people, with additional spaces for children and teens. His Hands Church welcomes anyone who wishes to strengthen his or her relationship with God organically. Sundays feature gripping rock music and group worship without a dress code. His Hands Church has compiled a signature playlist via iTunes, which showcases the music incorporated into its Sunday services. Also available through iTunes is the His Hands Church podcast, which is published on Sundays and free to download. His Hands Church hosts a variety of interest groups and classes. These events, which address topics such as financial management, art, automotive maintenance, and Bible study, are held at the His Hands Church building, church goers’ homes, and even local restaurants and parks. Additionally, His Hands Church offers special programs for children in preschool to fifth grade and young adults in junior high and high school. Occasionally, His Hands Church brings in live music and opens up the coffee shop for special events. For more information, visit www.hishandschurch.com.

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