Harish Iyer

Motivational Speaker in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Harish Iyer

Motivational Speaker in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Celebrated Motivational Speaker, Erudite Gender/Sexuality Trainer, Thought Provoking Author, Much Loved Professor, Renowned Columnist, Premier Activist and an important Opinion Maker - there is no one word or one profession or adjective that defines the multi-talented Harish Iyer.

Motivational Speaker:

Harish Iyer is listed in the list of 8 most fiery motivational speakers of India. He is one of the most renowned names and has, to his credit, several national and international laurels. He has spoken at several multi national companies. He uses his own life experiences to draw the narrative and shares his inspiration in the most lucid way possible. The reactions to his talk vary from a high realisation of self-worth to celebration of one’s own innate capabilities. The life experiences shared on his talk on “How to draw inspiration from your own pain to fuel success” have motivated several individuals to see life differently and positively. His story will break you and then make you an entire different human being.

Ideal for corporate houses who are looking forward to the following:

- Motivate the sales team and tell them that them that there is better than the best.

- Apprise the senior management about challenges faced by

- Perspective on Vishaka Guidelines and the responsibility of men in empowerment of non-cis-males

- Motivation for the marketing team and imbibing them with an attitude that motivates them to believe that “there is light at the end of the tunnel”

- Gender and sexuality sensitivity.

Gender and Sexuality Trainer:

Harish Iyer has been a strong advocate of sex/sexuality/gender education. Right from schools and colleges to corporate houses to even streets and villages, he mobilises his ensures that the message is delivered in the most palatable way through customisation for every target audience. With corporates and students, he uses examples from films and audio visual aid, to highlight sex, sexuality gender. He delves deep into intricacies of the challenges faced by gender through intersectional approaches.

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