Hoe Zo Wie

North Polar Cap

Hoe Zo Wie

North Polar Cap

In the prehistoric Stone Age,
I resist from the dirt into mud,
and food became my addiction
to survive in life.

This is my story, how I became,
what I now am: extincted.

Hoe Zo Wie, comes from
the Germanic language,
and means:
How? So? Whom?

In the modern era of the
twentieth century in English,
you would rather say:
Why? Who?
These where the first words
comming from my Mo-ma's
mouth, when I came out
from her tummy.
(Weird feeling by the way)

Let me first introduce you
to my father: Bob Jo Han.

In my age, you don't have machines, or even not square boxes, who fix the time is a certain stage, into a loose leaf of waved
papyra-cotton, with all kind off collors.
I did a comparison drawn as if my father is, into the machine you brothers gave me, and draw (what I normally do with lime chalk) a Da-da - wich what we use, for your word; "Daddy".

As my Mo-ma is not a likable person, I don't tell much about her, because she looks like and she behave herself as she is "Cleopatra", which you all know - that she is not!

Now I noticed that your "look-in-the-glass-made-of-sand-machine", has character shown limmits..? Why?

What did I do wrong?

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