Howard Oliver

Forensic Pathologist and Fly Fishing in the United States

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Dr. Howard Oliver is an avid traveler with a passion for exploring nature and fly fishing. Dr. Howard Oliver picked up the hobby of fly fishing just over 15 years ago and has been "hooked" ever since.

Fly fishing is much different from traditional fishing methods such as bait casting or spin casting. There are many unique casting techniques, all of which hold their own artistic movements. Dr. Howard Oliver has mastered many of these casting methods including:

- The roll cast

- The back cast

- The reach cast

- The spey cast

- The wind cast

- And more

To learn more about casting techniques, check out the fly fishing page on Dr. Howard Oliver's website:

Typically, Dr. Howard Oliver goes fly fishing to catch trout, salmon, or grayling. However, fly fishing can also be great for catching a variety of other fish including pike, bonefish, bass, panfish, and carp.

Howard Oliver is an experienced professional in the medical field. He has over 30 years of experiences working as a forensic pathologist in. A forensic pathologist is a medical specialist responsible for examining a corpse through autopsy and other medical examinations in order to determine the cause, circumstances, and means of the death. A forensic pathologist is called upon when a death occurs suddenly, unexpectedly, suspiciously, or unnaturally. Often times, a forensic pathologist may be called upon to testify in court. Forensic pathologists are often crucial witnesses in court trials involving a death.

As a forensic pathologist, Dr. Howard Oliver has gone through many years of specialized training and education. He has gained extensive knowledge in areas such as DNA technology, toxicology, serology, ballistics, anatomy, and more. In 1971, Howard Oliver graduated from A.T. Still University of Health Sciences/Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed an internship at the University of California Irvine. Oliver also completed a fellowship in forensic pathology with the LA Coroner's Office and residency training with the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System (VAGLAHS).