Moba, Democratic Republic of the Congo

In June of 2012, four friends from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the United States came together to create this local non-profit organization in Moba, Katanga Province. The organization is led by Vasco Musebo and Wakilongo Byaombe, both former refugees with experience in humanitarian work who want to make a difference in their country.

Through an inspiring group of community leaders, humanitarians, youths, and international contributors, H.O.P.E Congo is working towards progress and equality in the DRC. Locally led projects, such as a micro-credit business center and conflict resolution youth groups, are taking action against poverty and conflict while bringing communities closer together in the process.

Join Wakilongo, Vasco, and the volunteers of H.O.P.E in their courageous efforts to uplift education, economic opportunity, and dignity in the Congo, a country that is important to the world.