Horacio Lupi

Father, Chef, and Athlete in Madrid, Spain

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Entrepreneur. Three times. Quantitative management of financial assets. Vast experience with traditional asset classes, derivatives and other alternative investments.

Also deal flow generator for professional investors (startups, industrial projects, m&a and real estate)


This is how I see myself. Unbiased and Fair. Curious of everything and also for telling. I am eager to learn every day from most of the people I interact with.

Source seeker, I always wonder if what i've been told is as they say.

I am vehement, almost murderer I would say, with the things that matter to me. There are not many (some people and a few vital principles) but I defend them more than my life.

Infinitely generous in general but also hateful and inflexibly selfish when the time comes. Faithful with my ideas, I have often been in trouble to defend them against wind and tide. And this is because my ideas are often controversial and also because I love to provoke. I think that's how you can get to the bottom of people and things.

I'm direct and virulent with "my" truth. So, to put it some way, I guess I'm a pretty radical person. Those you can not access easily and when you do you are at a crossroad because you do not know if you hate or love.

Passionate athlete although rather mediocre at almost everything I practice. Mediocre because I have the terrible defect of hating to ask for help. I'm autonomous and I like it. I feel good being inefficient but doing things on my own.

In love and romantic (if you think you know what this word means, you better look it up in the dictionary).

I love numbers, science and technology and starting things. Those are the best ways to build "my" truth. Many times to get to the bottom of things I need an Excel sheet.

As soon as I finished studying, in the early nineties, I started (with some help) working on one of the Big Six audits doing business consulting and then information systems. This experience lasted about 10 years and then some more in another small tech company.

The first years of this century were awesome for me. My two daughters were born and I started working self-employed.

  • Education
    • Industrial Engineer