Marcellinus Ferdinand Suciadi

lecturer in Surabaya, Indonesia

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I am a lecturer at Informatics Engineering, University of Surabaya (Universitas Surabaya, Ubaya), from 2009 to today. My classes include Algorithm and Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Game Programming, Game Development, and many others. I have completed my study at School of Computing, National University of Singapore, granting me the Master of Computing title.

In leisure time, I like to watch documentaries (such as National Geographic), listen to music (any kind, easy-listening ones, although sometimes this leads to some unusual songs such as game soundtracks), and play computer games (esp. RPGs). I enjoy travels although I hardly go travelling by myself. I like to learn something new. Some says I am such a quiet person, but I am not really a quiet one once I feel comfortable with someone.

Well said, my passion is in games. Many people look at the negative aspects of games, but most of the time I can't agree (after all, other things may bring you negative effects as well, don't you agree?). Games are what make me who I am today, and I am glad of it.

I am proficient in Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese (specific to Surabayan), and English (although these years my English is quite terrible due to Singlish influence). I have interests in Japanese and Korean, but I haven't got the right time to learn deeper into grammars (I can only read some commonly-used Kanji, mostly only knowing the meaning, and is still struggling with Hangeul). By Assassin's Creed II's influence, now I'm interested in Italian as well (so you still believe that games have no benefit? Believe me, you've missed a lot!).

In the Net, I am also known as Matthew Parkinson, Hoshiro Yamanaka (星ロ 山中), or Èxsharaèn (also nicked as Èxshan). These names have their historical backgrounds, but they share the same history: they were my alter-egos from my novels (I do write novels occassionally but I don't sell them).

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